Teledyne e2v and Partners Land BAE Systems Contract

Teledyne e2v and Partners Land BAE Systems Contract

Headquartered in the UK, aerospace-qualified provider of advanced semiconductors Teledyne e2v is showcasing a range of data and signal processing solutions at the Singapore Airshow, along with Singaporean distribution partner Emerges-Lite (Booth B11).

Among notable recent successes for Teledyne e2v, the company has been selected—along with Wind River and Core AVI—to provide key technologies in a new mission computer being developed by BAE Systems. Teledyne e2V is providing its Qormino QT1040-4GB common computer platform, which will run Wind River’s Vx Works real-time operating system. Core AVI is supplying temperature-screened AMD Embedded Radeon E8860 graphic processing units and ArgusCore SC1 OpenGL 1.0.1 graphics drivers. The Qormino platform has been developed to operate at 1.4 GHz and has a 4-GB DDR4 memory. It was developed to meet size, weight, and power constraints.

Meanwhile, the company has released a military-grade processor that uses Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) technology. The upscreened LS1046A processor is part of the NXP Layerscape portfolio. In this version for defense and aerospace applications, it is guaranteed for operations across a range of temperatures from -55 to 125 deg C.

Teledyne e2V has also introduced a methodology to maximize performance of various systems while adhering to power budget constraints. By studying customer requirements in detail, rather than relying on datasheet information, the company can provide microprocessors with reduced power requirements across its QorIQ T-Series, P-Series, and ARM-based Layerscape devices.

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