Avidyne Helios FMS Receives TSO Approval

Avidyne Helios FMS Receives TSO Approval

A week after the FAA issued TSO approval for Avidyne’s Atlas flight management system (FMS), the agency issued a TSO nod for the Helios helicopter version of the FMS. Like Atlas, the Helios FMS is a dzus-mounted multifunction FMS that is form-factor compatible with many legacy systems, measuring 7.5 inches tall, 5.75 inches wide, and 10.615 inches deep. Helios prices start at $23,999, or $29,999 with optional navcom radio.

Among the many modern features that Helios brings to rotorcraft are SBAS/LPV approach guidance and the ability to provide position information for ADS-B Out transponders. Helicopter-specific optional features include night-vision goggle compatibility and helicopter-TAWS with powerline database.

Helios employs Avidyne’s hybrid touchscreen interface, which lets pilots alternate between using the touchscreen or knobs and buttons for almost all functions. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are built-in for connection to EFB apps. The FMS also has a USB charging port, and its keyboard is spill-proof.

The Helios display can show airspace, terrain, and navaid information with overlaid ADS-B In or SiriusXM weather. Other display elements include traffic from TCAS, TAS, or ADS-B In, and Jeppesen approach charts and airport/heliport diagrams. It can also show BendixKing digital weather radar imagery and the FMS’s display can also run RS-170 video. An integrated 16-watt VHF com, VOR, localizer, and glideslope radio is available as an option.

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