News Roundup from the 2021 Aircraft Electronics Assn Convention

News Roundup from the 2021 Aircraft Electronics Assn Convention

Shadin Avionics introduced commercial off-the-shelf products that solve a variety of avionics interface needs, from AIS-380 radio-altimeter converter to AIS-360 buffer, AIS-360 lo-hi speed converter, AIS-316 CSDB convertor, AIS-380 combiner, AIS-450 digital-to-analog convertor, AIS-455 synchro-resolver, and AIS-460 inertial adapter. These avionics systems facilitate the interface between modern and legacy avionics, enabling retention of older avionics.

Cabin Management Solutions’ new CMS Evolve simplifies the task of replacing older membrane-type keypads, with touch panels and monitors connected wirelessly for control of cabin systems including lighting, shades, environmental controls, and more. Audio-video component, SDI, and HDMI inputs are distributable in any combination of output formats. Most components are additive manufactured for quick response to customer needs.

Appareo introduced its 4K UHD AIRS-400 airborne image recording system, which records cockpit audio/video and offloads data via cellular networks once on the ground. Suitable for implementation of a flight data monitoring (FDM) or flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) system, the AIRS-400 takes ambient audio, intercom, 4K video, and flight data from internal inertial measurement units and a WAAS GPS receiver. The device weighs 11 ounces and records altitude, latitude, longitude, groundspeed, vertical speed, attitude data, rates of rotation, and acceleration data.

Carlisle Interconnect debuted its HDMI 2.0 locking cable assembly, which secures against vibration to protect cabin management system HDMI cables. The company also introduced a high-performance Ethernet cable tested at 1 GHz to 100-foot lengths.

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