Mid-Continent Introduces TSO’d Chronos Clocks

Mid-Continent Introduces TSO’d Chronos Clocks

Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics has introduced a new Chronos series of aircraft clocks that fit in a two-inch instrument panel cutout and have eight modes of operation, as well as single or dual USB charging ports. Prices start at $499.

In addition to providing up to 75 watts of USB power, the clock’s eight modes include local time, UTC (Zulu) time, a flight and countdown timer, stopwatch, volts, and outside and secondary air temperature display. The clock’s lighting can be controlled externally and it also has a built-in photocell for automatic dimming. Time and flight timer memory are maintained by an internal, field-replaceable battery.

“Panel space is a premium,” said Matthew Harrah, senior vice president of technology and products. “Our customers wanted more built-in functionality and access to fast-charging USB power, all-in-one.”

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