T3CAS To Continue as A320 Standard Equipment

T3CAS To Continue as A320 Standard Equipment

ACSS’s T3CAS integrated surveillance solution will continue to be standard equipment for Airbus A320 airliners under a contract extension announced on August 26. T3CAS includes the traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS), mode-S transponders with automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) In/Out, and terrain awareness warning system (TAWS). The package also provides traffic management functions through ADS-B In applications, a runway overrun prevention system (ROPS), and low required navigation performance (RNP).

According to ACSS, which is a joint venture between L3Harris Technologies and Thales, Airbus selected T3CAS because it reduces the weight of the aircraft and simplifies installation with fewer cables, racks, antennas, and computers because this hardware is shared among the system’s multiple functions.

The T3CAS package includes Performance TAWS protection, which ACSS says goes beyond the standard oral and visual alerts for controlled flight into terrain by providing cautionary warnings based on the aircraft’s actual ability to climb above terrain. Its advanced algorithm uses the A320’s performance model, current gross weight, wind conditions, air temperature, altitude, and engine-out status in relation to the flight path and terrain.

The system’s mode-S transponders are DO-260B qualified, meeting all ADS-B Out global mandates and supporting ADS-B In software updates. The TCAS is compliant with Change 7.1 global mandates.

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