FAA Grants New Extension on Crew Training and Checks

FAA Grants New Extension on Crew Training and Checks

The FAA has approved a request made by NATA to grant an extension to exemptions involving certain crew training and checking requirements as the Covid pandemic continues to play havoc with travel and scheduling. The two exemptions, originally granted in late March and previously extended in May, are available to all Part 119 certificated carriers operating under Part 135 and extend the deadlines for those coming due during this period.

For exemption No. 18509B, which provides relief to allow NATA members and other Part 135 air carriers/operators to use alternative methods to conduct certain required crewmember emergency procedures during recurrent and upgrade training, testing, or checking, the new extension moves the end date to November 30. For No. 18510B, which provides limited relief from the timeframes for completing recurrent training and qualification requirements for ground personnel and crewmembers, this moves to year-end.

Both exemption extensions require certificate holders to provide revised plans to mitigate any potential risk due to the postponement of training, testing, or checking. NATA noted that every Part 135 operator should obtain and review the exemptions and added that a certificate holder that submitted a letter of intent before July 30, in accordance with the previous exemptions, is not required to submit an additional letter.

The association will continue to monitor the situation and, if needed, plans to submit future requests.

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