Signature Flight Support Pumps 1M Gallons of SAF at SFO

Signature Flight Support Pumps 1M Gallons of SAF at SFO

Signature Flight Support has pumped more than one million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through its Signature Renew program at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), resulting in a more than 10,000-tonne reduction in aircraft CO2 emissions. “This marks the first time a single FBO location globally has delivered such a substantial and consistent supply of SAF to business aircraft operators,” said Signature Flight Support COO Tony Lefebvre.

“The one million gallon milestone is a significant achievement that, together with our ongoing expansion of SAF, continues to propel the business aviation industry towards adopting sustainable fuels on a consistent basis,” he added. “Last September, we promised a permanent supply of sustainable jet fuel at SFO, and we delivered on that promise in December. Now in April, we’ve demonstrated that critical mass with SAF is possible.”

Signature has also expanded availability of Signature Renew SAF at the nearby Oakland International Airport (OAK), as well as at Seattle Boeing Field/King County International Airport (BFI). With these additions, Signature is now providing a consistent source of SAF at six locations globally—more than any other FBO operator.

Signature Renew SAF uses a 30/70 blend of renewable feedstock and conventional jet-A that yields a 25 percent reduction in direct carbon output from aircraft versus traditional jet fuel. Last year, Signature facilitated the uplift of 90 percent of publicly announced SAF gallons and continues to leverage its worldwide network of FBO locations to introduce more SAF supplies.

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