Metrojet Keeps Busy with Engine Swaps, Disinfections

Metrojet Keeps Busy with Engine Swaps, Disinfections

Hong Kong-based Metrojet’s MRO station has been keeping busy with engine changes and aircraft disinfections in the first half of the year, the company said. Specifically, from January to July its certified Rolls-Royce MRO has performed multiple engine changes on various types of Gulfstream twinjets equipped with BR725/710 and Tay 611-8C engines, in addition to scheduled maintenance inspections.

Also, the Covid-19 pandemic has made aircraft disinfections a priority concern for its customers, prompting an increase in demand for that type of work. Metrojet’s disinfection work is performed in accordance with Gulfstream MOL-20-0005 or Bombardier AW000-25-001 REV2 guidelines.

“Our professional and priority response to clients’ maintenance and operational requests earns our MRO an exceptional reputation,” said Metrojet CEO Gary Dolski. “We have been taking great care of our clients’ valuable assets and we remain very appreciative of the support provided by our business partners and customers throughout China and the Asia-Pacific region during these most challenging times.”

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