Embraer Improves Legacy 600/650 Mx Intervals

Embraer Improves Legacy 600/650 Mx Intervals

Embraer Legacy 600 and 650 owners and operators will now have fewer routine maintenance tasks to perform in less than 12-month intervals because of analysis of fleet data, as well as a review of original MSG-3 analysis and application of optimization process, the Brazilian airframer told AIN.

Among the maintenance tasks that can now be done at 12 months are the operational checks of the nosewheel steering system disengage and air-ground system. Not included are “out-of-phase tasks” such as a general visual inspection of the first-aid kit and operational check of anti-icing system messages, which still need to be accomplished at their specific intervals. However, Embraer officials noted that some of the out-of-phase tasks can be accomplished by a certified mechanic at the owner/operator’s base with the required resources, which will increase aircraft availability and reduce maintenance and operating costs.

The worldwide fleet totals 265 aircraft—157 Legacy 600s and 108 Legacy 650s, according to Embraer. “The improvement [that] was submitted to and approved by the aeronautical authorities…reinforces Embraer’s commitment in providing continuous maintenance programs improvement to the customers and operators as an after-sales support, including out-of-production products,” said Embraer Services & Support v-p of technical services and product support Sérgio Cunha.

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