Bombardier Expanding Service Offerings

Bombardier Expanding Service Offerings

A new Bombardier service partnership with GE Aviation is expected to result in a free health monitoring unit (HMU) for more than 2,500 in-service Challenger and Global aircraft, the companies announced Tuesday at NBAA-BACE. A preferred service provider agreement between the two companies calls for GE (Booth C10030) to offer curated service bundles around cabin and cockpit connectivity for new and in-service Bombardier Challengers and Globals, including models as early as the Global Express.

It’s the first step in Bombardier’s plans to launch the Smart Link Plus connected aircraft program in the second half of 2020. That program is expected to collect fleet-wide operational and maintenance data from the Smart Link Plus HMU boxes. This data is then wirelessly downloaded in flight and on the ground to Bombardier for analysis and service recommendations for Challenger and Global operators.

The technology behind the smart box was original to the Global 7500. “We believe that through connecting the Bombardier fleet, we can bring a whole new level of customer support,” Bombardier v-p and general manager of customer experience Jean-Christophe Gallagher told AIN. “Obviously we're doing this because we see huge power in the entire fleet being connected in terms of what we can learn from the fleet and what we can, in turn, provide as value-added services to our customers.”

GE Aviation’s Digital Works is key to the development of Smart Link Plus, which is expected to provide operators future features such as predictive maintenance. GE Aviation senior v-p of digital solutions Andrew Coleman told AIN the service it will be offering to Bombardier customers is similar to what it offers airlines. For airlines alone, Coleman added, GE has collected 49,000 years of flight data.

In a related development, Bombardier Bombardier (Booth C7508, Static SD701) is continuing to expand its Smart Services offerings with the addition of a new APU cost-per-flight-hour add-on option for the Global 7500. It will provide comprehensive cost coverage for the Safran SPU300 APU including exchange or repair of line replacement components and related labor for removal and installation, off-wing APU repair at designated Bombardier service centers, removal and reinstallation labor for the APU on or off the aircraft, and recommended Service Bulletins. 

“We’re continually expanding our network and services options to maximize the efficiency of our customers’ aircraft operations,” Gallagher said. “We have also added thousands of parts to our network, as well as a two-year parts warranty, comprehensive price-matching policy, and one simple monthly payment for the airframes systems and APU under Smart Services for the Global 7500.” 

It is another addition to a range of Bombardier optional add-ons under Smart Part Plus or Smart Parts Preferred, including landing gear overhaul and cabin systems components.

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