CHC Flies S-92 with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

CHC Flies S-92 with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Helicopter operator CHC has completed the first flight of a Sikorsky S-92 using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), following the biofuel's approval for use in this model by the OEM. CHC Helikopter Service of Norway made the flight using synthetic paraffinic kerosene (HEFA-SPK), one of seven types of approved SAFs available today.

HEFA-SPK is produced from waste and residual feedstock such as used cooking oil. In its neat (100 percent) form, SAF can reducing lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 80 percent versus petroleum-based jet fuels. CHC Norway will also be the first to fly commercial flights with S-92s burning SAF.

“The S-92 helicopter’s first flight using SAF further demonstrates how SAF can be used today with our CT7 engines to lower CO2 emissions,” said Harry Nahatis, v-p and general manager of GE turboshaft engine programs. “All GE engines are capable of using approved SAF blends without any modifications, and we firmly believe flights like this demonstrate how SAF can contribute to more sustainable flight across the aviation industry.”

“As a corporation, we are committed to sustainability and I am proud that our S-92 helicopter is playing a role in a more sustainable future,” said Jason Lambert, Sikorsky’s v-p of global commercial and military systems.

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