AviationManuals Pairs SMS Software, Doc Services

AviationManuals Pairs SMS Software, Doc Services

AviationManuals is building on its portfolio of services through a new offering that pairs its manual products with its safety management system (SMS) software ARC. The combination provides a more holistic approach to managing operational improvement and safety, AviationManuals said, providing an all-in-one content and software platform.

All manuals and letters of authorization services will come in tandem with the SMS software, as well as the regular updates to content and industry and regulatory information. The new package provides a single online location to manage all manuals, updates, and distribution; unlimited storage; read and initial tracking; news, resources, update, expert topics, and other content; and real-time safety metrics.

“This isn’t just a tweak—but a fundamental change in how we will be delivering our content, our expertise, and software access to our customers moving forward,” said Mark Baier, CEO of AviationManuals.

AviationManuals said the pairing was developed not only to create a central platform for business aviation operators and FBOs to manage their resources but to help continually enhance the safety of its customer base, which now numbers 4,000.

“I’m truly excited about this because SMS combined with continual operational improvement is the future of our industry, so the more we can help to get users to participate the better,” Baier said.

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