ARC Notes Jump in SMS Form Use

ARC Notes Jump in SMS Form Use

ARC Safety Management saw a 130 percent increase in the use of safety management systems (SMS) forms between January and October. The company claims this illustrates an increase in SMS integration by business and other aviation operators since flight activity has decreased in the same period due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Although we saw a decrease of almost 70 percent in form submissions directly related to flight from its peak in January to April, there was a more than 130 percent increase in forms related to risk analysis, operational change, and training,” said ARC Safety Management CEO Mark Baier. “Operators have seen how data and digital management systems can help them make faster decisions and easily communicate changes to their teams.”

A sister company of AviationManuals, ARC offers custom web and mobile SMS software and apps for aircraft and commercial drone operators and FBOs. Its ARCreport can be used for recording incidents and hazards, safety and service, deviations, training, and change management. The system automatically organizes, communicates, stores, and digitally processes data for SMS analysis.

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